Mr. Sudath Abeysekara (BFA)

Executive Director Art Way Gallery, Institute & Academy and a trend setting Artist with national and international awards.

He is the Chairman and the Executive Creative Director of Art Sense. He has set the trend in the advertising industry using many ART with a third eye and a new dimension. He is a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree holder together with number of national and international awards and scholarships for his exclusive accomplishments. Most of his creations are first time in Sri Lanka with a brave, amazing and creative blend. He is always with the energy to take any challenge and to find innovative solutions to help clients to grow.

Mrs. Achala Gunawardane (BFA)

Chairperson of the Art Way Institute, Director of Art Way Gallery & the Academy, Artist and Teacher. She is one of the founder Directors.

She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Institute of Aesthetic Studies, University of Kelaniya. Reading MA for the same field. She brings the voice of the woman and the children in an artistic way to the advertising industry. She is the chairperson of the ArtWay Education Institute which is the Art education arm of the company. Her thoughts add extra value for Art Sense creations. She is a Senior award winning Artist from national and international art competitions and exhibitions. 

Mr. Samantha Pathirathna (PhD Research Fellow)

He is an award winning entrepreneur, academician, consultant-trainer. He is the chairman, Managing Director and the Chief Consultant of PASSAsia, Managing Director of Art Way Gallery, Institute and the Academy of Visual Arts and the Managing Director of the Art Sense. He is the first Sri Lankan with both The Outstanding Young Person of Sri Lanka (TOYP) award and the United States Fulbright Scholarship. He add exclusive value to generate high impact business solutions with social equity, economic efficiency and ecological focus. He has accomplished his education including PhD Research Fellow, MBA-MOT, PG Diploma in Economic Development, PG Diploma in Strategic and Corporate Finance, Dip in Mass Communication, B.Sc. Agriculture majored in Agricultural Economics. He is a nature lover and eco-tourist with a great discipline of simplicity.